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JINA Special School on

Methods of Direct Nuclear Reactions

Michigan State University, NSCL

April 9 - 20, 2007


Nuclear reaction methods used to analyze experimental data and extract reaction rate and cross section information of nuclear astrophysical interest are now very diverse. They range from low-energy capture reactions and transfer reactions at energies near the Coulomb barrier, through to the description of breakup, charge exchange and other reactions at fragmentation beam energies - often carried out in inverse kinematics. Approaches used range from first-order theories (e.g. DWBA) through non-perturbative, all-order, coupled channels and semi-classical few-body theories. All of these methods are built upon basic concepts and our descriptions of bound, resonant and scattering problems. To use reaction codes accurately and effectively requires an understanding and a working knowledge of these precepts. Given these, the input and operation of nuclear reaction codes can be demystified. The objectives of the proposed School are to enable younger researchers to gain this background knowledge and to provide real experience in the use of modern direct reaction methods and codes. Instruction will be through formal teaching (lectures) and extensive structured hands-on exercises.

Please submit an application through the JINA website (Registration for the JINA Special School). Deadline for submission is March 9, 2007

Please contact Chasity Fudella for more information (fudella@nscl.msu.edu).


Filomena Nunes and Jeff Tostevin

School Program | Dining in the East Lansing Area


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