Learn Nuclear Science

With Marbles

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A JINA/NSCL outreach service by Zach Constan * version 4.0 * 2/12/2013

Grade Levels: 7-12

Subject(s): Science/Nuclear Science


A hands-on learning approach to learning about matter on the atomic and subatomic scale by comparing and contrasting different isotopes in order to…

  1. Understand the various types of decay associated with different isotopes;

  2. Become aware of the goals of nuclear science and how it is applied in every-day situations;

  3. Learn about the different kinds of nuclear reactions.

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You can also request marbles and other materials through jinaout@nd.edu.
- 12C marble nucleus - $5;
- Fragmentation Box - $30;
- Laminated Chart of Nuclides (featuring the first 8 elements) poster - $55;

September 2014