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Welcome to the Underground Nuclear Astrophysics Group!

The Underground-NAG is a working group coordinated by JINA ( Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics ). This group will study the potential for making important measurements for nuclear astrophysics "located in the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory" that require a small particle accelerator and very low backgrounds. The measurements made will be applied to the understanding of nuclear reactions and other processes in stars.

News and Events

Homestake SURF and Sanford Laboratory Newsletter for February 2014

Neutrino 2014, XXVI International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics will take place in Boston, MA on June 2-7, 2014. Website

Workshop on "Present and Future Neutrino Physics" will be organized at KITP, UC Santa Barbara from Sept. 29 to Dec. 29, 2014. Website

Paper -- Why the US Needs a Deep Domestic Research Facility: Owning rather than Renting the Education Benefits, Technology Advances, and Scientific Leadership of Underground Physics -- by Kevin T. Lesko from LBNL. Read

Report : "The need for deep science"

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