New Results on Stellar Neutrinos (F. Timmes)


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Abstract: Over the next decade, neutrino astronomy will probe the rich astrophysics of neutrino production in the sky, including neutrinos from the Sun, core-collapse supernova (e.g., SN 1987A), and relativistic jets (e.g., blazar TXS 0506+056). On the observational side of this new era, the Super-Kamiokande with Gadolinium, Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory, XENON, and future liquid scintillator neutrino experiments usher in a new generation of multi-purpose neutrino detectors designed to open new avenues for potentially observing currently undetected neutrinos. This ongoing explosion of activity in neutrino astronomy powers theoretical and computational developments in neutrino production in stars. In this talk we'll explore recent results on stellar neutrinos that provide new targets for neutrino detectors, new estimates of the stellar neutrino background signal, and new opportunities for nuclear physics data that can make sizable differences in stellar evolution.