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August 20 - 22, 2015
2015 Low Energy Community Meeting
-- Michigan State University

Note: Meeting includes a SECAR collaboration meeting and a Nuclear Astrophysics Working Group meeting where JINA-CEE related projects will be discussed.

October 7 - 9, 2015
Nucleosynthesis Away From Stability
-- Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany

October 28 - 31, 2015
APS Division of Nuclear Physics 2015 Meeting
-- Santa Fe, NM

June 19 - 24, 2016
NIC-XIV -- 14th International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos -- Niigata, Japan


Physics of Atomic Nuclei (PAN) Program
A free residential summer camp for high school students (at University of Notre Dame or at Michigan State University) and science teachers (at MSU only).
The program introduces participants to the fundamentals of the extremely small domain of atomic nuclei and its connection to the extremely large domain of astrophysics and cosmology.

Summer Camps
Art 2 Science & Science 2 Theater Summer Camps are spin-offs of JINA's Art 2 Science after-school programs which seek to ignite stellar imaginations through an integrated STEAM approach to learning.
Participants learn about math, science, and engineering through creative hands-on projects.


Google Hangout for JINA-CEE
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Kids summer camp merges art and science at Notre Dame

The general relativistic instability supernova of a supermassive population III star
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How huge early stars enriched the universe
See the Perspective by Bromm

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