Enhancing diversity and broadening participation, within nuclear astrophysics and the field of physics at large, are important goals of JINA-CEE. We strive for a culture of inclusivity and a welcoming environment to attract the best talent from around the nation and world. Diversity and inclusion are therefore goals in all center activities including research, education, and public outreach.

As a multi-institutional center, we aim to build on diversity enhancing resources, programs, and processes at the various participating institutions and complement and connect them in new and innovative ways. JINA-CEE will continue to build upon the success of JINA in recruiting and retaining a higher than average fraction of female researchers at the junior and senior levels.

We encourage you to explore the tools, resources, data, and research that we found to be helpful for rising awareness, and for making progress towards a diverse and inclusive research and teaching environment in nuclear astrophysics.