JINA-CEE Acknowledgement

Any publication or product which in any way benefited from the JINA-CEE collaborative network or from JINA-CEE support in any form, including discussions at a JINA-CEE sponsored event or travel support, should have the following acknowledgement:

"This work was supported in part by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. PHY-1430152 (JINA Center for the Evolution of the Elements)."

You can modify "was supported in part by" appropriately.

Examples are:

  • "was enabled by"
  • "benefitted from support by"
  • "was initiated at an event supported by"

JINA-CEE Affiliation Policy

A JINA-CEE member is a scientist working in any of the Major Activities within the collaboration and is listed on the JINA-CEE website under people. Members are affiliated with JINA-CEE.

Members are distinct from participants. In NSF speak, participants are scientists from the broader scientific community that participate in JINA-CEE activities such as workshops, conferences, or scientific visits.

Read the full JINA-CEE Affiliation Policy

Cross-institutional Mentoring Program

A network-wide mentoring program was started at the 2019 Frontiers Meeting. All members are welcome to join as a mentor and/or as a mentee.  

You can add yourself to the current list of mentors if you wish to become one. If you want to become a mentee feel free to directly contact people on the mentors list (member-only access).

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JINA-CEE Participant Forms

JINA-CEE must report accurate membership information to NSF on an annual basis.

Note that JINA-CEE members who move to a non JINA-CEE institution are welcome to remain JINA-CEE members as long as they work on projects within the scope of JINA-CEE.


The JINA-CEE collaboration Wiki contains information on our cross-institutional mentoring program, diversity plan, a complete listing of ongoing scientific projects, and more information for new members.

For access, please contact Alexa Allen or Ana Becerril.