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University of Notre Dame

Educational Resources

We have a cross institutional mentoring program to support the education of our members!


Recorded Seminars and Lectures

Watch a broad range of seminars, talks, and lectures on topics in nuclear astrophysics.


Teaching Resources

Course materials for teaching nuclear astrophysics courses and for self study

Journals on a bookshelf

Virtual Journal

The virtual journal makes it easy to keep up with current research. You can for example find recent review articles in nuclear astrophysics.


NucNet Network Code

Learn to use the reaction network code NucNet Tools by Brad Meyer by following instructions, lectures, and group activities at the JINA-CEE Network School Wiki.


Engage in Outreach

JINA-CEE members can contact JINA-CEE Outreach to learn how to be involved, discuss ideas for new educational initiatives, or suggest venues to give public talks.

Please share your outreach activities with us through this form. Information collected will be used for reporting purposes and also as input for the new Outreach Award!

Early Career researchers at MSU and Notre Dame can reach out to the following contacts:


JINA-CEE Schools

JINA-CEE schools are open to all young scientists working in areas related to nuclear astrophysics. They are often organized with partner institutions around the world and typically include lectures, group activities, and networking opportunities.