The IReNA Online Seminar Organizing Committee hosts a biweekly series of specialized seminars on research topics of current interest for the network. They are open to all interested scientists. 

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committee members

Seminars are recorded and can be viewed on our YouTube channel.



Former hosts of the online seminar: 

Umberto Battino (University of Hull, UK): NuGrid

Andreas Floers (GSI, Germany): EMMI

Erin Good (Michigan State University, USA): JINA-CEE - Chair

James Keegans (Keele University, UK): ChETEC

Eliana Masha (HZDR, Germany): ChETEC-INFRA

Kanji Mori (Fukuoka University, Japan): Ukakuren

Sriteja Upadhyayula (TRIUMF, Canada): CaNPAN

Robert Yates (University of Hertfordshire, UK): BRIDGCE