New Near-Infrared spectroscopic indices for unresolved stellar populations featuring Daniele Gasparri (Universidad de Atacama) (Opens in a new window)



In unresolved galaxies, age, metallicity, α/Fe enhancement of the stellar populations, as well as the IMF and the mass can be constrained via full spectra fitting or via line-strength index analysis. The Lick/IDS system is a prime example of line-strength spectroscopic indices that are sensitive to these parameters in the optical domain. In the Near-Infrared (NIR), where the upcoming generation of telescopes will primarily observe, we lack such a system, and the full spectral fitting technique is not yet reliable.


2023 R-matrix Workshop on Methods and Applications (Opens in a new window)

Ohio University, Athens, OH

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The workshop’s goal is to bring together researchers in both experiment and theory and from basic and applied fields, who utilize R-matrix techniques in their research. The workshop aims to address the latest developments in R-matrix theory, its application in interpreting experimental data, and its use in data evaluation.