Lithium in the Universe: to Be or not to Be (Opens in a new window)

Observatory of Rome

Workshops & Conferences

The meeting will bring together experts from various fields to discuss the role played by lithium in several astrophysical contexts and to highlight the extraordinary character of this chemical species, as a tracer of the structure and evolution of stars, galaxies and the Universe.


The main topics of the meeting will be:


 * Big Bang nucleosynthesis

 * Nuclear reaction rates involving lithium and beryllium

 * Physical processes in stellar interiors as traced by Li, Be, and B

 * Hot bottom burning in massive AGB stars


Astrophysics with Radioactive Isotopes (AwRI2020) (Opens in a new window)

Budapest, Hungary

Workshops & Conferences

Radioactive nuclei play a significant role in many current astrophysical quests. From the origin of the elements through the driving of the emissions from supernovae (56Ni) and kilonovae (r-process radioactivity), they are crucial for direct studies of galactic enrichment (7Be, 26Al, 44Ti, 60Fe, 99Tc, 244Pu, ...) and for new insights on stellar explosions (56/57Ni, 44Ti).