Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics X School (Opens in a new window)

Geneva, Switzerland

Workshops & Conferences

The school is connected to the International Conference on Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics X and aims at introducing important concepts related to nuclear astrophysics, including experimental and theoretical nuclear physics, astrophysics and astronomical observations.


Remnants of Neutron-star Mergers: Connecting Hydrodynamics Models to Nuclear, Neutrino, and Kilanova Physics (Opens in a new window)

Darstadt, Germany

Workshops & Conferences

The workshop will bring together experts from the four areas hydrodynamic simulations, neutrino-flavor physics, r-process nucleosynthesis, and kilonova modeling. The goal is to identify the main shortcomings of current models and to discuss strategies for how to propagate modeling uncertainties into r-process abundances and kilonova predictions, thereby improving models in a way to maximize the scientific output of future multi-messenger observations of neutron star mergers.