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Physics of Atomic Nuclei - Classroom Activities and Knowledge for Educators (PAN-CAKE)

This workshop for science educators provides background, tools, experience, and confidence to teach nuclear astrophysics!

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Kids learning about science.

Lab Tours

For more information on laboratory tours, select a location, University of Notre Dame or Michigan State University. JINA-CEE offers grants to defray some of the travel costs for classes participating in this program.

Art 2 Science Lessons

Nuclear Science Lessons

Marble Nuclei

CNO Cycle Card Game

School Visit

Classroom Visits

JINA-CEE scientists and students travel to regional public schools to visit classrooms. For grades 2-6, we bring Art 2 Science activities to the classroom and guest lecture on careers in physics. For students who have learned about the periodic table, we use magnetic marbles to teach nuclear science through activities and demonstrations. JINA-CEE students often share their personal college experiences and the positive impact that higher education has made in their lives. Email for more information or to schedule a visit.