Astrophysical Origins of Carbon Tokyo 2024 Workshop


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Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan

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Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students

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The origin of Carbon and its role in stellar evolution is one of the most exciting problems in nuclear and stellar astrophysics, and it was recently shown to play a key role in the interpretation of Gravitational wave data from mergers of binary black holes. Measurements of carbon abundances are now possible in old stars of the Galactic disc and bulge, in globular clusters, for the Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor halo populations, and in extragalactic systems, such as damped Lya clouds, Thus, it provides a strong potential for constraining nucleosynthesis in massive rapidly rotating hyper metal-poor stars, pollution in stellar binary systems, and the pair instability supernovae associated with the mass gap. The main goal of our workshop is to bring together observers and theoreticians working on the topic to test the predictions of stellar models and their capability to explain the diversity of observed carbon abundance ratios on Galactic scales and at high redshift.

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