i-process Workshop


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TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada

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Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students

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This specialized workshop is timely as several experimental opportunities are now opening up. This workshop brings together experimentalists from several labs and the groups performing i-process nucleosynthesis calculations. We will discuss dedicated experimental and theoretical effort for improving our understanding of this process which is required for a better understanding of the origin of the heavy elements. A major objective is to bring the community together by discussing in depth the various approaches, challenges, present results, uncertainties and future directions of both experiments and simulations. Observations will be covered as well with the goal of understanding the quality and quantity of observational constraints from this process.

The objective of this 3-day small workshop is to discuss the recent progress in i-process calculations and create a priority list for key reactions to be measured in the next years. The location will be the TRIUMF auditorium, where the workshop can also be livestreamed for interested participants that could not come. The afternoon of the 3rd day can be used for break-out sessions and dedicated discussions in smaller groups, for example for experiment proposals.

The 3-day workshop is followed by 2-day collaboration time to be organized by participants individually. TRIUMF and UVic will make arrangements to provide the required space and facilities.