p-process Workshop 2017


Event Location
University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

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This is the 6th of the series of biennial workshops dedicated to nucleosynthesis of heavy neutron-deficient nuclei. The workshop covers a wide range of topics related to p-nuclei:

  • possible nucleosynthesis scenarios (γ-process, rp-process, νp-process, ν-process),
  • astrophysical sites,
  • nuclear physics contributions (nuclear structure, Hauser-Feshbach models, cross section measurements),
  • modeling of the nucleosynthesis processes (post-processing network calculations).

The meeting will be a three-day event divided into six session each including an invited presentation and contributed talks. The meeting will conclude with a discussion session summarizing the meeting and setting the community's goals for the next years. The workshop will be hosted at the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN. For participants requiring a US visa, we will be happy to provide a invitation letter upon request.