The r-Process: Status and Challenges


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University of Washington, Seattle, WA

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Recent developments in theory, simulations and observations have begun to shed new light on the origin of the heavy elements in the universe, especially those made by rapid neutron capture, the r-process. The workshop aims to bring together nuclear theorists, experimentalists, astrophysicists, and astronomers to discuss these advances and foster collaborations. A coordinated effort is critical to solving the grand challenge problem of pinning down the site(s) and understanding the possible diversity in the r-process. 

The neutron-rich ambient conditions and short dynamical timescales encountered in neutron star mergers make them a robust site for the r-process, yet many open questions remain. During the workshop we hope to bring together experts on astrophysical simulations, nuclear reactions, equation of state and neutrino interactions at high density and temperature to assess the current state and identify directions for future research. The workshop will also include talks about other viable sites of the r-process such as core-collapse supernovae to address current challenges in modeling and identifying unique observational signatures. 

The workshop is sandwiched between two INT programs, "Binary Neutron Star Coalescence as a Fundamental Physics Laboratory" and "Nucleosynthesis and Chemical Evolution". We encourage interested workshop applicants to also consider participating in the longer programs. The organizers will coordinate to accommodate participants who intend to attend both programs and the workshop.