Radionuclide Astronomy in the 2020s and Beyond (RA2020) Workshop


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Los Alamos National Lab

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The purpose of the Radionuclide Astronomy in the 2020's and Beyond (RA2020) workshop is focused on determining the potential science goals in radionuclide astronomy for next-generation X-ray and gamma-ray missions.  This will include identifying and prioritizing open astrophysical questions on astrophysical sources of radionuclides that can be addressed by next-generation missions.  

We will identify the astrophysical modeling and nuclear data needs to maximize the science from these missions.  The workshop will also provide a forum within which the community can present and review the current state of knowledge in hard x-rays and gamma-rays from radioactive nuclei produced in astrophysical transients and identify challenges and opportunities for the field in the near future.

RA2020 is sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory and Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics - Center for the Evolution of the Elements.