Scalar and Vector Dark Matter Admixed in Neutron Stars featuring Cédric Jockel (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics - Potsdam)


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cedric jockel

Hosted by: Melissa Mendes Silva (TU Darmstadt)

It is believed that dark matter (DM) could accumulate inside neutron stars and significantly change their masses, radii and tidal properties. In this talk, I present my work about neutron stars admixed with dark matter and give an overview about the theoretical formulation and some of my most recent results. In recent works, we model the bosonic dark matter as a massive and self-interacting scalar or vector field. We probe the influence of the scalar field mass and self-interaction strength on the total mass and tidal properties of the combined system, called fermion boson stars (FBS). We also study the combined system of a vector field and a neutron star, called fermion Proca star (FPS). Both FBS and FPS admit DM core and DM cloud solutions and we find that they can produce degenerate results. We find that FPS tend to be more massive and geometrically larger than FBS for equal boson masses and self-interaction strengths. We discuss observational constraints and the connection to anomalous detections. The self-interaction strength is found to significantly affect both mass and tidal deformability. Electromagnetic observations of certain cloud-like configurations would also appear to violate the Buchdahl limit.

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