Frontiers in Nuclear Astrophysics 2019 Conference (Opens in a new window)

Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mi

Workshops & Conferences

This is the ninth in a series of former JINA and now JINA-CEE meetings that brings together JINA-CEE participants, collaborators, and other interested researchers in nuclear physics, astronomy, and astrophysics to discuss progress and future directions related to the understanding of the origin of the elements and neutron stars.


Nuclear and astrophysics aspects for the rapid neutron capture process in the era of multimessenger observations (Opens in a new window)

ECT*, Trento, Italy

Workshops & Conferences

This workshop will bring together theorists and experimentalists to address the many aspects of nuclear physics and astrophysics that must be considered and properly understood in order to model the r-process

The registration will be open from April 15th. For US participants, there is an opportunity to obtain travel support to ECT* workshops through the EUSTIPEN program.


MICRA 2019 (Opens in a new window)

TPI in Jena, Germany

Workshops & Conferences

MICRA, which stands for Microphysics In Computational Relativistic Astrophysics, is a biennial workshop focused on improving, discussing, and addressing the microphysics needs of relativistic simulations of astrophysical systems, core-collapse supernovae, compact object mergers, and gamma-ray bursts by bringing together nuclear and neutrino theorists and astrophysicists and computational modelers. This year marks the 5th installment and the 10th anniversary of MICRA, and the first since the revolutionary gravitational wave event GW170817.