Anna Watts is Awarded the 2021 AAS HEAD Mid-Career Prize

Anna Watts

Anna Watts, University of Amsterdam, NL


We are pleased to congratulate our collaborator Anna Watts, professor of astrophysics at the University of Amsterdam, for being awarded the 2021 American Astronomical  Society High Energy Astrophysics Division's Mid-Career Prize: "for her trailblazing work in the understanding of neutron star fluid dynamics, and developing and applying rigorous inference to obtain observational constraints on dense matter".

The HEAD Mid-Career Prize is awarded approximately every 18 months for a significant advance or accomplishment (observational or theoretical) in High Energy Astrophysics by an individual astrophysicist within fifteen years of receiving their PhD. The prize is selected and administered by the AAS HEAD Executive Committee.

"This is such a nice thing to happen, I'm incredibly honoured!  But by mid-career it's not just down to you but your team as well, and I've been beyond lucky with the junior researchers in my group - so this is for them too, you're all awesome!", said Anna about  the award.


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