Individualized Art 2 Science

Successful completion of a pendulum switch circuit to light a holiday decoration.

The Art 2 Science Camp has been successful in engaging over 500 students in its four years. However, students on the autism spectrum and/or those with ADHD often struggle in such a lively atmosphere with over one hundred of their peers. Thus, the fall 2014 Art 2 Science program was individualized for one 9 year old homeschool student with Asperger's who wanted to be a scientist but had difficulty staying focused in a group setting during the camp. He met with the JINA-CEE Director of Outreach and Education every other week during the fall semester for mentoring, physics lessons, and hands-on activities. The lessons also created a space for the director to build trust with the student in the hopes that he would have an ally at the next year's camp.

Contact Information: JINA Outreach, University of Notre Dame, (574) 631-5326,

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