New Student and Postdoc Representatives of IReNA's Young Researchers Organization

New YRO representatives

We are pleased to welcome the new graduate student and postdoc representatives for IReNA's Young Researchers Organization (YRO): Artemis Tsantiri of Michigan State University, and Vishnu Varma of Keele University, respectively. Artemis and Vishnu will also become members of the IReNA Steering Committee, where they will contribute to shape IReNA's scientific directions. 

Artemis Tsantiri PortraitArtemis Tsantiri is a PhD student from Greece working at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) at Michigan State University with the SuN group. Her research focuses on cross-section measurements for the astrophysical gamma process. "I am very excited for my new position as the Student Representative and look forward to being a liaison between the students' community and the IReNA Steering Committee", said Tsantiri. 

Vishnu Varma is a Malaysian researcher currently working as a postdoc at Keele University in thVishnu Varma Portraite United Kingdom. His work is focused on the life and death of massive stars. His research aims to understand the role of magnetic fields and turbulence during the evolution of massive stars and the subsequent supernova explosion (usually with detailed 3D simulations). "Beyond my research, I am passionate about improving the experiences of early career researchers and I am always excited to engage in public outreach", said Varma. 

Artemis and Vishnu are succeeding Rahul Jain and Sanjana Curtis, who have occupied these roles for the last few years. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing members for their dedicated service and contributions. 

All IReNA students and postdocs are invited to engage actively with the YRO: please share your ideas, propose collaborations, and suggest activities to foster the professional development of your peers.