A Note from the Director, Hendrik Schatz

Hendrik Schatz Portrait

Hendrik Schatz

JINA-CEE Director

Dear JINA-CEE Collaborators and Friends,

These are exciting times in nuclear astrophysics with rapid developments in experiment, observations, theory and computation, some of them reflected in this newsletter. At the same time, the range of sub-disciplines and areas of expertise that need to be integrated continues to increase. The IReNA network of networks, supported through the NSF AccelNet program connects JINA-CEE with other networks around the world, aims at facilitating the necessary interdisciplinary connections. We are especially happy to welcome the new IReNA partner net- works BRIDGCE (UK), CanPAN (Canada) and ChETEC-INFRA (Europe). This expansion offers many new opportunities for international collaboration and for taking advantage of complementary infrastructure and expertise. I encourage the JINA-CEE community to take advantage of these opportunities and explore the IReNA website irenaweb.org, which also includes information on how to join IReNA and how to participate. In particular, I encourage young researchers who may be new to nuclear astrophysics to join the new IReNA Young Researcher Organization. Please contact myself or Ana Becerril with any questions you may have.

I wish you all happy holidays and hope that you find some time to take a real break and recharge after another challenging year.

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