PAN @ IMSA Intersession 2015

Group Photo of students at PAN @ IMSA Intersection 2015

The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy seeks to ignite and nurture creative, ethical, and scientific minds that advance the human condition. Instituted in the late 90s, intersessions are week-long intensive courses taught by IMSA alumni and faculty prior to the start of the spring semester. For the 4th year, the JINA-CEE Director of Outreach and education returned to her alma mater to teach a modified PAN during intersession. She was joined by two FRIB staff: Bec Shane (IMSA alumn) and Michael Syphers who had done outreach at IMSA during his time at Fermi Lab. 21 students signed up for the PAN course, choosing from a wide range of topics, many of which are nonacademic.

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