Science Alive, South Bend, IN

Children explore radioactivity with a cloud chamber and Geiger Counter.

JINA-CEE regularly participates in the St. Joseph County Public Library's annual Science Alive. Over 40 exhibits routinely fill the downtown branch, as the main library is turned into a science festival for a day. Nearly 4,000 people attend Science Alive each year, mostly families with young children.

JINA-CEE sponsors the “World of Science Passport”, and offers the grand prize, a free week at Art 2 Science Camp. JINA-CEE has an entire room on the third floor where we interact with children, parents, and educators through activities including: hand-held vacuum chamber, liquid nitrogen demos, radiation activities, an absorption activity with LEDs and gummy bears, and a scientist play area where children could explore conservation of energy while constructing foam/marble roller coasters.

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