Postdoctoral Position in Stellar Physics

Trieste Observatory (INAF) Trieste , Italy

Published Fri, 06/10/2022 - 10:36 AM Expiration Wed, 07/20/2022 - 12:00 AM or until the posting is filled

A call is open for a selection procedure on the basis of candidates’ qualifications, integrated by an interview, for the assignment of one “Post Doc Research Grant” of the duration of one year, with a possible extension, for the needs of the HORIZON 2020: Chetec INFRA projects, entitled: “Corrections of Surface Abundances for Effects of Stellar Evolution”.

The selection, based on the assessment of qualifications and possible interview, is aimed at giving the opportunity to carry out qualified research activities mainly in the field of stellar physics, in particular of stellar evolution.

The following activities will be carried out during the fellowship:

calculation of corrections of surface abundances of stellar abundances caused by stellar evolution (gravitational settling, radiative acceleration and dredge-up of elements).

These calculations will be based on sophisticated models of stellar evolution which process this effect in detail, with the aim of creating a grid of stellar models within a range of masses and metallicities.

The fellowship is aimed at this specific research project, and was not announced with the aim of recruitment programming either of the Institute or of the project itself, but of offering the opportunity to carry out research activities in the framework of the project to candidates who deem it useful to their professional growth.